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by J Christian Lawrence

Χαρις Σοι

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Latest Essays

Sonnet V – A Lyric on The James Webb Space Telescope’s Regard

This is an entire optic, entirely An Eye, sailing, on a sea of sunlight, To catch the Eternity that, Hourly, Drops like rain, from the heavenly birthright, All these ornaments, of an endless air, Clouds of corpse’d stars, newborn stars, galaxies, Fill the Temple, of the head, from the stair Of space, of such silent…

Sonnet IV: Love’s Game’s Gone

If my bare heart shall be your blank, fire onIn words the wounds that’ve wound you up, let looseYour ammo’s shot (that being, your amors gone),On target that beats, e’en till the fuse diffuse, Shoot, here’s fair mark: that hearts hurt (on hearts) hound,Look, fair game, when the hart’s in the clearing,Beastly love pounces its…

Life as Motion

I heard many cries. But I couldn’t a single person see. Though the cries were so close. Before I could ask about this, Dante stopped, and bent his ear East. Then we heard a sound, not groan but melody, as of a Japanese flute – piping from so very far away.