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Sonnet V – A Lyric on The James Webb Space Telescope’s Regard

This is an entire optic, entirely

An Eye, sailing, on a sea of sunlight,

To catch the Eternity that, Hourly,

Drops like rain, from the heavenly birthright,

All these ornaments, of an endless air,

Clouds of corpse’d stars, newborn stars, galaxies,

Fill the Temple, of the head, from the stair

Of space, of such silent capacities,


(These commotions that – motion us – up

Brings back the Bowman, pulls back, the arrow string,

All the way to the shoulder, of Earth,

What are Heavens without the firmament’d Earth?)


Beyond the timberline another Eye

Ascends, a lone life, more than an eye,

A pool of water, in the palm, of a

Pinion pine’s Abrahamic bark, reflects sky


Just as much as you O’ catching Webb, the

Wind-slanting tree, just as much, sees All in ebb.

Cheers to your Sunday morning…


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